Emotions in Motion (version anglaise)

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IMPORTANT: Cette roulette est une version anglaise. Pour la version française, cliquez ici.

Solutions for managing emotions

Emotions in Motion is a 2-sided swivel wheel to help the child manage his emotions and find a solution for a return to a calm state. 8 common emotions on the front and 8 winning solutions on the back. 

The red side has 8 common emotions:

  • agitated
  • over-excited
  • impatient
  • discouraged
  • sad
  • angry
  • scared
  • tired

The blue side has 8 winning solutions:

  • give a hug
  • take deep breaths
  • ear muffs
  • calm space
  • listen to music
  • soothing object
  • rest
  • discuss

Easy to handle. Ø 23 cm (9”).

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